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Our Mission is to raise awareness and funding for great strides in Multiple Sclerosis research, treatments and support by taking great strides on our roller skates. We pledge to push ourselves up to and beyond our expectations, skating across a new state each year, in an effort to bring more public attention to this debilitating disease. 

Our organization is always looking for new members and sponsors to join us in our important mission. The generosity of our sponsors combined with our powerful cause, have helped us not only to survive, but to thrive and grow into what we are today.

If you haven’t already bought your t-shirt, we hope you do so soon! To learn more about how to get involved, give us a call or send an email our way.

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Meet the Sk8 MI 2022 Team!

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Hi I’m Dr. Mo! I grew the idea of Sk8 in my brain, and with the work of some amazing people, saw it to fruition. When I’m not skating states (or countries) or training to skate states (or countries), I enjoy working!! I’m a massage therapist, a professor at the University of South Dakota, a business owner, and an entrepreneur. I am also a mom of three radical kids. 
I am an advocate for those who may not have a voice, those who may have lost their way, and those who are deserving of a hand. I try to leave a lasting impact by raising funds for the National MS society via Sk8 the State. 
I have skated all 9 states and plan to keep skating until they find a cure. Previously, I had no personal ties to anyone impacted by MS but I now skate for my recently diagnosed father-in-law.

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Hi, my name is Michael " Bags" Lunning.
I have been involved with our Sk8 charities for a few years now starting with Sk8 To End Sex Trafficking and now moving to our Sk8 the State for MS charity as an active skater.
I started working with the Sk8 charities as a way for a normal guy to do something extraordinary and make a difference in someone’s life. Over these years, I have been privileged enough to be given the opportunity to interact with amazing advocates for change. This has opened my eyes to the fact that we are all given a chance every day to have a positive impact. All we need to do to make a difference is take that first step and then continue forward every day. 
I hope to be a force for advancement, and I feel incredibly lucky to get to share this experience with the most amazing people who have shown me that vision and willingness to commit yourself are all that is needed to become an agent of positive change in this world.

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Hello! I’m Doug “Force Vector” Armstrong. This is my second year being involved with Sk8 the State. I first met Mo in a freezing cold pole barn in the middle of South Dakota and since then have been following the inspiring work she does with the Sk8 charities. Helping plan and subsequently skate my home state of Minnesota was my first opportunity to be involved with the wonderful work that this team has been doing. I’m excited to be here for the opportunity to help make a difference and a positive impact.
Outside of preparing for and training for the long days of skating ahead, I work as a data scientist, coach, and home renovator. I’ll be adding Father to that list very soon as my wife, Little Rascal, and I will be welcoming our first in October.

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Hey, my name is Darla “Little Rascal” Armstrong. With this being my second year with the Sk8 team I will not be getting many miles in this year since I am having a baby in October. I met the Sk8 team in 2015 and I thrilled to be part of such an amazing team that supports such a great cause.
Since the last Sk8  last year, I finished my masters, taught high school students Biology, coached a high school dance team, coached some roller derby, and now growing a human.

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Hi my name is Linsey Pecile but you may know me as Canada!  I lived in Iowa for 3 years where I met the rest of the team before moving back home South of the Michigan border.  Now you’ll find me leisurely skating for ice cream on a hot day!  Back in 2015, I skated Thailand to raise funds and awareness for Sex Trafficking and am humbled to now be a part of the team to aid in the research and cure of MS.  I recently brought a little man into the world & I hope to encourage him at a young age to be an advocate, dreamer and goal chaser.  Sk8 the State allows me the opportunity to show him that small groups can create BIG change.

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Hello, I'm Dani Bock (Dubbs) and I have been with Sk8 the State since the beginning! I hung up my skates a while back, but stayed working with the charity as a support person. I am proud of Sk8 the State for MS and the funds and awareness that this charity has raised to fight this debilitating disease.

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