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The rain won't stop Sk8 the State for MS MN
member Darla from working in her new boots!

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Sk8 MN 2021 Details


Minnesota! The land of 10,000 lakes and endless possibilities of outdoor recreation. Planning for this year’s route leads us to take a different approach. Call it a trail, if you will. Instead of skating border to border, we instead will be skating 240 miles, the distance between Moorhead and Duluth, on three rail-to-trail systems! These trail systems are some of the most treasured in the state, and what better way to pay homage to Minnesota and spread our message than to skate them end to end.

We will begin in Bemidji, MN on the northern end of the Paul Bunyan trail, working our way south to Brainerd, MN covering 115 miles on the nation’s longest continuously paved rail-to-trail. Next up, News from Lake Wobegon! We will head south to Royalton to start skating the Lake Wobegon rail-to-trail system heading down to St. Joseph before heading back north to Fergus Falls via the Central Lakes trail to finish our journey.

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Sk8 the State for MS Skater of the Month Gigi RaMoan!

Sk8 the State Skater of the Month Gigi RaMoan!
Go to the Sk8 the State for MS facebook page to see the full interview! 
Photo credits: Gigi helmet-ice bandana, Gigi-brace, and Gigi-Portrait by: Pat LaughreyGigi-byKiethRidge2 by: Kieth RidgeGigi-jam by: Joshua DeSario

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